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This beauty didn’t ask for a beastly bookworm for Christmas, but maybe she should have . . .

All Noelle wants is to save the Winter Bliss library. She has a plan, too—a New Year’s Eve fundraiser during the annual fire-magic festival. The last thing she needs is a distracting romance with the sexy, binge-reading demon she hasn’t seen in over a decade. Too bad fate (and Mount Winter Bliss) has other plans.

Rom only returned to his small hometown because his family needed him to open Perkatory, their newest coffee shop. Seeing Noelle again was a welcome surprise, but there’s no way the beautiful librarian could ever fall for a scarred-up monster like him, right?

When an avalanche leaves Noelle and Rom snowed in together, the forced proximity might be their second chance at first love. But will their happily ever after come at the expense of saving Noelle’s beloved library?

Beastly & Bookish is a cozy, contemporary, holiday romance featuring a roller skating librarian and book-loving demon's emotional journey from friends to lovers.


Horned up for the Holidays is a series of three steamy, same-world, stand-alone novellas. Other titles include:

Cover art by Lana /redhead_trickster & other art by Daniel / DannoTC_graphics

Hot Button Issue

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Blanca Trava is a high-powered lawyer with a secret a roller girl. She keeps her day job and her night fun strictly separated. When she finds out her boss is championing a harmful new law, all her walls come crashing down. She and Thorin, the team's mascot, must work together to help plan a protest before time runs out.


🪄 Latina lawyer

🐺 Flirty, plant-daddy shifter

🪧 Pro-choice theme

❤️ Opposites Attract

🥵 Cozy + Steamy

Cover art by Chinchela

Green with Envy

Coming Soon!

New to town, barista Envy (aka Pinkerbelle) joins the local derby team. On her first night out, she makes out with shy orc firefighter, Shepard. Problem is, he’s off limits and she’s resolved to keep things casual. Their flirtation over video games turns electric in person. Becoming secret friends with benefits seems like the perfect solution.


Art by Lianne / Fantasyspritestudio

Content Warnings

Beastly & Bookish (A Winter Bliss Romance)

Hot Button Issue (Roller Derby Witches Book 0.5)

Green with Envy (Roller Derby Witches Book 1)

Coming soon . . .